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A new look and a few changes are coming to The Herald

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By GEORGE CUSTER/Editor  — So that we may continue to both serve you and grow to meet the needs of you, our readers, changes have to take place. We have listened to the advice of several experts in the newspaper/news site industry. All have said that, unequivocally, that The Herald needs to raise more revenue if it is to be sustainable.

Two things of importance: We have signed with for our publishing. And secondly, Paywall Project has instituted a so-called “soft paywall” to help bring in some extra dollars to keep us publishing the type of news and information you have come to expect.

What do you mean, George? Don’t you do the publishing right here in Oakridge?

Well sort of, yes and no. Somebody has to do all the work after I put the story together. I send it off to a platform (I don’t even know what that means!)  A webmaster (the guy behind the curtain) holds all the keys to the design, layout, maintenance of The Herald. I pretty much just type stuff and hit “enter”.

Our desire is to make The Herald easier to read. We have received a few critiques that articles are hard to find. We hope to eliminate that, and other glitches that may come up. We want you to have the best reading experience possible.

Speaking of glitches, some of you who are already subscribers are being asked to subscribe again. This may be due, in part, to the changeover to the new platform. I’m not sure but we will get these things worked as fast as we can. Please be patient with us during this transition period. Always feel free to contact us before your frustration level makes you hit the “delete” button. We are here to serve you.

We hope you’ll like the new look. So many things are happening within our communities. We want you to be able to read about each and every one of them.

More and better coverage, though, takes more resources. We have grown successfully thanks to your support. However, that growth has come with increases in our expenses and those expenses have to be paid for. Raising funds to keep the doors open is no picnic. When you have to worry about it all the time, it gets taxing.

We, at The Herald, feel our content has value. Nothing in life is free. Please help us be one of the “Best little news sites in Oregon”.

Thank you,




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