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Cedar Creek Fire August 13, 2022 Daily Update – 8:00 AM

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Cedar Creek Fire
August 13, 2022
Daily Update – 8:00 AM
Highlights: Firefighters have nearly completed the prep work along Forest Road (FR) 2417 north of the fire perimeter and Black Creek Road (FR 2421) south of the fire. This has included using heavy equipment like masticators as well as crews removing brush and piling small diameter woody material to be chipped. Interagency Hotshot Crews have been scouting for opportunities to construct a containment line to connect these two roads to Waldo Lake as the primary containment feature of this fire on the eastern flank. The crews have determined that connecting fireline to Waldo Lake from Black Creek Road was not a safe or effective option. Fire managers have adjusted their strategy and increased the temporary area closure around the Cedar Creek Fire to provide for the safety of the public and firefighters while also offering crews more flexibility to pursue other options to contain the southern perimeter of the fire.

Operations: Crews are expected to complete prep work along Black Creek Road and FR 2417 today. While some additional chipping may need to occur, these roads will be ready to be used as primary containment lines to hold and secure the perimeter. Firefighters anticipated being able to begin firing operations using aerial ignitions this weekend, but yesterday’s test fire was unsuccessful due to the dense forest canopy, higher relative humidity, and more moderate temperatures. As conditions become more favorable for ignitions, firefighters will resume firing operations. Heavy equipment will continue working on the contingency fireline and shaded fuel break from FR 19 down to Highway 58 using FR 2409 and Forest Road 5871 to protect the community of Oakridge. Additional work continues along FR 5883 and the surrounding roads north of Highway 58 to improve that road system as a contingency line below the primary containment lines along Black Creek Road.

Evacuations: Currently, there are no evacuations in place.

Weather: Seasonally moderate temperatures are forecast for Saturday with mostly sunny skies with a high of 80 degrees. The relative humidity is predicted between 28-38 percent. Winds will be terrain driven in most areas with ridgetops and exposed areas seeing northwest winds 3 to 6 mph with gusts to 11 mph in the afternoon. Closures: An Area Closure is in place for the Cedar Creek Fire. This includes all trailheads and dispersed camping west and north of Waldo Lake. The lake itself, campgrounds, and trails (including the PCT) on the east side remain open. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place.

Restrictions: Fire restrictions are in place on the Willamette National Forest with the exception of the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Waldo Lake, and Diamond Peak Wilderness areas. All campfires, charcoal or briquette fires, pellet fires, or any other fires will be prohibited, except in designated campgrounds. Portable cooking stoves, lanterns, and heaters using liquefied or bottled fuel are still allowed if they can be switched on and off. Motorized vehicles may operate only on designated trails and roads, including within the Huckleberry Flats and Santiam Pass OHV areas.

Smoke: Smoke Forecast Outlooks (in both English and Spanish) are available at Air quality in Oakridge, Oregon is expected to be good with the
best time of day to recreate outdoors being late afternoon.

Fire Information: Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Phone: 541-201-2335 | Email: [email protected]

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