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Cedar Creek Fire August 17, 2022

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Daily Update – 8:00 AM
*There will be a virtual public meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook*

Highlights: Warm and dry conditions increased fire behavior on the southeast corner of the fire yesterday and heavy helicopters were used to cool hot spots to ensure that fire activity remained low in the wilderness. Small helicopters and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS” also known as “drones”) dropped Plastic Sphere Devices (PSDs) on the southwestern flank to continue backing fire down the ridge into the Cedar Creek drainage on Black Creek Road. Fixed-wing UAS are being used during the night to provide firefighters with additional reconnaissance on the fire’s movement.

These large, fixed-wing UAS can be equipped with Infrared technology to monitor for hot spots and provide real-time fire surveillance when traditional aircraft is unable to fly due to line-of-sight
restrictions. On Sunday night, Cedar Creek Fire UAS resources were able to assist the neighboring Deschutes National Forest in monitoring a new start east of the Shadow Bay Campground. The use of various UAS platforms helps minimize risk to firefighters by assisting in firing operations, providing heat seeking capability with the use of Infrared technology, as well as general fire monitoring to increase situational awareness for crews on the ground.

Operations: Today is forecast to be the hottest and driest day of the week with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms that could bring gusty winds which could increase fire behavior. Crews will continue to monitor fire activity as it backs down to Black Creek Road and will focus on holding that line in the coming days. Night shift crews will continue the use of UAS to help monitor the perimeter and ensure that any embers that may spot over the road are quickly identified. The Devils Staircase Wildland Fire Module will begin removing brush and small diameter woody material along the Lower Fuji Mountain Trail today.

Outside of the roadless area, heavy equipment and crews will continue to work west in prepping the Forest Road (FR) 5883 road system and connecting those prepped roads to the railroad right-of-way along Highway 58. Work continues on the contingency fireline and shaded fuel break west of the fire area from Highway 58 north to FR 19 today. FR 1928and the Huckleberry Flats OHV area remains closed for public and firefighter safety.

Evacuations: Currently, there are no evacuations in place. Weather: A heat advisory is in effect for this afternoon as temperatures are forecast for the mid-90s with gustyoutflow winds associated with nearby isolated thunderstorms.

Closures: An Area Closure is in place for the Cedar Creek Fire. This includes all trailheads and dispersed camping west and north of Waldo Lake. The lake itself, campgrounds, and trails (including the PCT) on the east side remain open. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place.

Restrictions: Fire restrictions are in place on the Willamette National Forest with the exception of the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Waldo Lake, and Diamond Peak Wilderness areas. All campfires, charcoal or briquette fires, pellet fires, or any other fires will be prohibited, except in designated campgrounds. Portable cooking stoves, lanterns, and heaters using liquefied or bottled fuel are still allowed if they can be switched on and off. Motorized vehicles may operate only on designated trails and roads.

Smoke: Smoke Forecast Outlooks are available at Air quality in Oakridge, Oregon is expected to be good with the best time of day to recreate outdoors being late afternoon.

Fire Information: Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Phone: 541-201-2335 | Email: [email protected] | Online: | | | | YouTube:

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