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Oakridge City budget passes with little flourish

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By GEORGE CUSTER/Editor/The Herald  —  A developing police situation requiring the attention of the city administrator pro tem left some of the details of the posted agenda a little fuzzy. The Special Session, originally set to accept the City’s 2022-2023 budget took an immediate turn. Not confusing, but out of order.

Roll call indicated that only Councilor Bobbie Whitney was absent because of a class that she needed to attend.

The Special Session was convened, and public comments called for. However, rather than going directly into Executive Session, Mayor Hollett decided that the discussion concerning The Highway 58 Herald’s application for recognition as a representative of the news media needed attention first.

Highway 58 Herald allowed access

The council voted unanimously to suspend a portion of the Council Rules. This allowed the discussion on the matter to take place during the Special Session as opposed to a regularly scheduled public meeting. Questions were asked and answers given. The City’s attorney was present and clarified several questions posed by the Council.

The Herald agreed to notify the Council when a new reporter, unfamiliar to the council, would be attending an Executive Session.

Council voted unanimously to accept The Herald’s reporters into Executive Sessions of the Council when appropriate.

The Council then adjourned to an executive session for a brief time.

Proposed budget is approved

Upon returning to the special session, the mayor opened the Budget Hearing. The floor was open to comments regarding the budget as proposed. There were no statements for, against, or in general.  The Council then set about to quickly review the Oakridge City budget as proposed by the Budget Committee.

During the deliberations by Council, William Pokorney of Oakridge asked to speak. Mayor Hollett made an exception to public comments during council deliberation, and allowed Mr. Pokorney to speak. His concern was the size of the contingency in the wastewater fund. Chief Martin answered the question by explaining that the size of the contingency was a reflection of future repairs that would be needed to the City’s wastewater system.

With only a couple questions and two minor adjustments, the 2022-2023 budget passed unanimously.

As part of the process of accepting the budget, there were several resolutions that were necessary before going into the next fiscal year: a Resolutions Adopting the Budget, one for Making Appropriations, another that imposes and catagorizes the tax, and a declaration that the City’s election receive State revenues. Lastly, a resolution that certifies Oakridge as providing four or more municipal services to receive State funding was necessary.

All were accepted by unanimous vote by the Council.

The Council again congratulated themselves on their work prior to adjourning for the evening.

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