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Oakridge City Council meeting 2-2-23

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By GARY CARL/for The Herald  —  Mayor Cutchen began the council meeting by acknowledging the retirement of Floyd Stalcup who recently retired from employment from the City of Oakridge after more than 33 years of service in the Public Works department. Thank you Floyd.

City business proceeded to approve the April 22nd & 29th street closure in the
Uptown district to accommodate the Upper Willamette Storm & Creative Crosswalk
Painting Project. Painting the storm drains is required by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and our Total Maximum Daily Load. *

New windows for City Hall

A contract was approved in the sum of $59,894 to allow the Finance Director,
Colleen Shirley, to purchase and install new windows at city hall using ARPA funds.

Next up: the council quickly approved applications from both the Oregon Trail
Gravel Grinder bike race and the Bus Fair, for alcohol permits at their respective
events this summer.

Realtor of Record issue tabled

The next item of business hit a bit of a snag. The city had posted and RFP (Request
For Proposal) for a Realtor of Record for the city. This RFP was open for 27 days
and closed on 12/31/22. There was one applicant who properly submitted an
application. However, another local realtor who was unaware of the RFP, and who
wanted to be considered, sought to have the RFP reopened to allow them to apply
as well.

Councilor Kinyon moved to allow the reopening of the RFP. However after
Mayor Cutchen explained how such a move could cause legal complications for the
city, Kinyon withdrew her motion. The matter was subsequently tabled to allow
Kinyon to do research into the matter and have it brought up again at the next
council meeting. Stay tuned.

A new auditing firm, Hanford & Associates LLC, based in West Richland, WA was
considered and approved to replace our current auditor, Pauly Rogers LLC. to
perform auditing services for the city. Our city administrator will negotiate their

New IGA for emergency dispatching

The council approved an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with the Junction City
Police Department for 24 hour dispatch services for the price of $100,000 per year for 5 years. These dispatch services will replace the service previously provided by the Lane County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

Supplemental budget questions cause for concern

The council passed a Supplemental Budget Resolution however there seems to be
questions regarding two transfers of $100,000 each, one to the Emergency Services
Fund and the second to the Wastewater Fund that were both made without Council

Councilor Kinyon, the chair of the budget committee, said Keena Wolf,
the emergency finance director brought in from the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG), advised that the matter be handled in this way. It is difficult to determine the true financial status of the city and Shirley told the council that an additional Supplemental Budget would be coming.

Councilor Tarman stated the current format of the budget was incomprehensible and
therefor he would not vote in favor of it.

The following individuals were appointed to committees:

John McClelland- Planning Commission
Heather Buley-  Parks & Community Services Committee
Mary Rivera-  Oakridge Economic Development Advisory Committee
Jill Mardin-  Library Board

*Total Maximum Daily Load is the calculation of the maximum amount of a
pollutant allowed to enter a waterbody so that the waterbody will meet and
continue to meet water quality standards for that particular pollutant.

Gary Carl is a retired judge of the Lane County Justice Court. He currently lives with his partner, Lynda Kamerrer & their cat, Lucy. Gary can be reached at [email protected] Gary Carl photo

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