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Oakridge City Council report June 2, 2022

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By GEORGE CUSTER/Editor —  The Oakridge City Council had a fairly mundane agenda last night when called to order by Mayor Christina Hollett.

There was very little in the way of comments from either the Council or from the mayor. A street closure permit was submitted by Cailey Sokolowski for the senior class’s annual organized ride to school on their last day on June 8th.

After some discussion by the Council, interim City Administrator Kevin Martin inferred that it may not necessarily be a full street closure and that if approved, he would handle the details. The ride will start at the Oakridge Post Office and end at the high school. The motion passed unanimously.

Keg & Cask Festival gearing up with request for City approval

The Oakridge Keg & Cask Festival Chairperson, Amy Kelley, was on hand to respond to questions concerning its request to have the City sign off for the OLCC permit for the event in August. Councilor Kinyon asked if there would be a fee required for the alcohol permit from the City.

The closure of First Street is not a city listed facility and therefore does not require a fee. The Keg & Cask Festival is an annual event held to raise money for the Oakridge Food Box Program. The motion passed unanimously.

The previous topics about nonprofit requests for fee waivers led to a conversation regarding the need to place a standardized “check box” on some city forms. It was not decided which committee was responsible for altering city forms. The mayor said that they should just do it themselves. That brought about debate as to the validity of operating outside the committee responsible.

Changing a city’s form requires process

Councilor Hooker agreed with the mayor, but later recanted when Councilors Whitney, Kinyon and Spliethof objected, saying that a proper policy would have to be written first. Hooker suggested that a work session be set aside to develop the policy.

There was a lengthy discussion about a future City Volunteer Appreciation Day event. The councilors were unsure as to who the appreciation event would be for. It was mentioned that many organizations in Oakridge are manned by volunteers and that they contribute much to the city.

This contrasts with the original assumption that the event would be just for official volunteers to the city. It was decided that based on the City’s need to focus on producing a budget, that further discussion on the event will be postponed for a while.

Updated Deadly Physical Force Plan approved

A vote by the council to approve an updated amendment passed down by Lane County on the Deadly Physical Force Plan led to a brief discussion.

Councilor Kinyon asked Chief Kevin if he would read the wording of the City’s adoption. She asked what it meant and how not passing it would affect the City’s police force. He stressed the importance of accepting the amendment. The vote to approve was unanimous.

An executive session that was on the agenda to follow the regular session was cancelled by the mayor.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m.



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