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OR Dept. of Revenue: Online payroll system changes connect Frances Online with Revenue Online to enhance customer experience

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From Oregon Department of Revenue <[email protected]>

Starting today, employers will see changes online that connect the two state agencies that administer state payroll taxes, the Oregon Employment Department (OED) and Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR).

Filers using OED’s Frances Online for quarterly tax filings will be able to connect directly from the Frances Online reporting system to DOR’s payment portal, where employers can make payments.

Frances Online is Oregon’s new online payroll reporting system that replaced the Oregon Payroll Reporting System in 2022. It supports combined payroll reporting including Unemployment Insurance tax, Workers’ Benefit Fund, State Withholding Tax, Lane and TriMet Transit Taxes, and, beginning in the first quarter of 2023, Statewide Transit Tax (STT) and Paid Leave Oregon contributions.

Starting with the first quarter of 2023, Paid Leave Oregon contributions and the Statewide Transit Tax will be reported on an updated Form OQ (Quarterly Employer Tax Report) and Form 132 (Oregon Employee Detail Report) using Frances Online for electronic filing or by using paper returns. Annual STT taxpayers (e.g., agricultural employers) will continue filing the annual STT return (Form STT-A) and STT Employee Detail Report (Form STT-2) with DOR using Revenue Online or paper returns.

Effective today, employers filing taxes on the Form OQ using Frances Online will see an option of paying reported employer taxes using DOR’s payment portal.

While in the payment portal, employers provide the amounts due for each subject tax program and remit a payment via ACH. If employers want to pay using a credit or debit card, employers will need to log in to their Revenue Online account.

In addition, the payment voucher, Form OR-OTC-V, has been revised to include a line for employers to make their Paid Leave Oregon payment similar to when the Statewide Transit Tax payment line was added in 2018. Employers will have the same payment options currently available—ACH, Revenue Online, cash, check, or money order.

DOR encourages employers to pay electronically on Revenue Online. The portal provides convenient, secure access to tools for managing your tax account, and it is free.

To learn more about payroll taxes, including frequently asked questions about contributions and the new updates starting this week, go to DOR’s webpage. Visit the Frances Online webpage for answers to most questions about the online contribution system.

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