Our twin threats: climate change and social division

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Two news articles caught my attention today:

Oakridge is crisping and wilting and pastor apologizes.

These are two of the most important problems we currently face — climate change and social division. Oakridge is crisping is an example of our physical world becoming disrupted or destroyed. Pastor apologizes deals with our mental health and how a divided community is not a path toward health.

If you do not believe that human choices are the major contributor to global warming, then read no further. Following the science leads to the conclusion that our physical environment is under extreme threat. The carbon that is released in the air by the food we eat, the transportation we use, and other human choices acts like a blanket enveloping the earth leading to more and more warming. We all need to change our life choices to stop putting more blankets on our heating-up world. What are you choosing to do?

I have known Ross Spencer for many years. He is a good man who has contributed a lot to this community. He recently made a mistake but has repeatedly apologized once he learned the facts. What more can a man be expected to do?

Kudos to the pastor who has tried his best to correct a wrong. What is most concerning is why he made the mistake. Over the last several years our country has become more and more politically divided which has culminated in the insurrection and almost overthrow of our duly elected government.

We are on the brink of civil war. Our country almost lost its democracy and there is still a large contingency of people who are promoting an autocratic form of government. General Mark Milley has been in the news recently confirming his fears that Donald Trump might not allow a peaceful transition of power. And this could lead to loss of our democracy.

It appears that the pastor was attempting to promote maintaining our democracy when he criticized a boy waving flags that he thought were promoting a change from democracy as we have known it. Unfortunately, the flag-waving boy has been caught in the crossfire between those who want to keep our democracy and those who are trying to change it.

So what do we need to do now? We need to come together and find common ground. We need to compromise and have compassion for our fellow man. And we need to forgive. We can then begin working together for the good of our country and avoid an outright civil war.

Let the boy continue to wave his flags. Accept the apology of a good man who just did not have all the facts but was motivated to try to save his country.

And hopefully, we all will have the courage to forgive and start the process of rebuilding our community and our country together. What will you do to unite our country?

— Charles Ross, Westfir

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