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“Poles Of Inaccessibility” marvelously conquered by Zero Clearance Theater Company

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L-R: Loren Michaels- producer, set designer, and projections; Amanda Martin-lighting; Pam Wright- Sound. off in the corner is Becky Chamberlain, Director Herald photo

By GEORGE CUSTER/Editor/The Herald  —  Written by Craig Pospisil, the play was performed over the last two weekends, and culminated with a fundraising event and performance on Sunday evening in the Lion Mountain Bakery building.

The play is set on a world stage

The two adventurers circle the globe on an epic journey of discovery, comedy, danger, and romance. Chris, played by Kristen Oland, is determined to reach the eight poles of inaccessibility. She hopes to determine if there is any magic that may remain at these points. Dylan, played by Demitrius Arnold, becomes the unlikely, and unwilling sidekick to Chris.

An ancient Muse watched over the travelers

Both are under the watchful eye of Theadora, a Greek Muse, played by Kathy Nichols Holston. Her character is saddened by the lack of adventurism in today’s world. She observes and subtly interjects inspiration to our travelers at periods along their journey. This is a good goddess.

Most of us are aware of, but tend to forget, the overall theme of this play: it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts.

The set was sparse, yet ingeniously done, placing the burden squarely on the actors to develop their characters. The dangers they encountered were mostly unseen to the audience, leaving the viewers to invoke their own imagination.

Moments of comedy ebbed and flowed throughout the performance to the delight of those in attendance. We suspected, early on, that Chris and Dylan might fall in love based on their shared encounters. However, both seemed hesitant to admit their adoration for the other until the last scenes.

A host of additional characters paraded on stage, adding complications and mystery to our explorers’ quest. The supporting cast added crucial depth and flavor to our adventurers’ travels.

The results: a wonderfully done production that I’m sure Mr. Pospisil would be proud of.

Just some of the articles donated for the auction. Herald photo

A fundraising auction preceded the performance on Saturday

Three tables full of items, along with other pieces were on display for attendees to bid on prior to the performance. Artworks in various forms, along with bottles of wines, spirits, and delicious looking pies and cakes were donated for the auction to help sustain operation of the theater company.

I was told snacks were included in the ticket price. However, when I got to the venue, I saw a multitude of dishes full of food. Way beyond snacks, anybody in attendance would agree that there was enough food to feed a small army. I took advantage of the spread since I had to report on the quality. Two thumbs up!

Bubba and Michelle had liquid refreshments available for purchase from the 3 Legged Crane. Becky seemed to be enjoying the crowd. Herald photo

Also on hand was the 3 Legged Crane. Beer and wine were available for purchase.

Jacqui Lamont, left, fundraising coordinator for Zero Clearance and owner of Lion Mountain Bakery. Sissy Cutchen, right, donated several art pieces for the auction and generally helped out with the event. Herald photo







Jacqui Lamont, owner of Lion Mountain Bakery where the venue is located, spent most of her time flittering around serving and taking care of the needs of those who came to see the production.

The troupe made a quick venue change while preparing for the upcoming performance

Zero Clearance was recently forced to leave their established playhouse that was located in the, now condemned, Willamette Activity Center. With the play Poles of Inaccessibility in the making, the troupe was welcomed with open arms by Jacqui Lamont to relocate themselves in the Lion Mountain Bakery Building on Highway 58.

Loren Michaels, producer and set designer, has done a superb job re-establishing the company in a corner of the building. A stage was built, lights and curtains were hung, and the space was magically transformed into a playhouse.



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