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The Herald needs contributors and reporters (among other things)

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“Be it ever so humble, There’s no place like home.” (with acknowledgement to poet John Howard Payne) The Herald’s headquarters at 47581 Highway 58.

By GEORGE CUSTER/Editor/The Herald  — Here we are at eighteen months old. That may not seem like something much to write about. However, babies start to do amazing things at eighteen months: they are up and walking and running (sort of), have started to speak somewhat, can feed themselves. They have become little people well on their way in this world. They’re smiling and happy (for the most part) and have very little thought about their future.

Babies, for the most part, are well fed, nurtured lovingly by their parents, fiercely protected from all sorts of debilitating accidents, and generally have a predictably good chance of reaching adulthood. They do not have to worry about money.

Struggling to walk?

These comparisons fall way short when considering the uphill battle that the Highway 58 Herald has had since birth. The Herald is severely undernourished. We placed ourselves on Oakridge’s doorstep hoping someone would take us in and feed us. We at The Herald worry every day about meeting our commitments and paying our bills. We’ve had to fight for our right to be recognized. In our quest to always tell the truth, we have been attacked by all manner of negativity from some. Money worries are certainly a daily headache for us.

So, The Herald feels pretty good having made it this far. We’ve made friends: our volunteers who write for us, and certainly all of you who have donated to keep this young “child” from starving. We seem to be making new friends all the time, as witnessed by our growing subscribers and donors. This “child” couldn’t thank you enough.

Enough about our growing pains

We’re barely scratching the surface in our mission to Bring Light Into Darkness. We’re dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive local news and information to our readers. That sort of promise comes with standards that are often difficult to attain. To be timely, we need volunteer staff that can be available when local news breaks. To perform our job of being accurate and comprehensive requires that our reporters take of their time to dig into a story and gather facts, not rumors or hearsay. They then must take those facts and produce a story.


It’s all about the story. Readers of The Herald want to know the facts. But they want it presented in such a manner that it flows, has the information they desire, and is interesting, at least, to most readers.

Can you do this? Sure you can! We’ll help with some editing and pointers, as needed. Our community needs you and wants to hear from you. Wouldn’t you want to see your name as author of a published article?

Many of you have, or are, volunteers for many of the worthy causes here locally. Please consider The Herald in this same light. The Herald is a nonprofit. We certainly are not in this for the money. We’re all volunteers looking for others to join our team for what we consider one of the more necessary endeavors to support community engagement and information sharing.

What is a city without a newspaper?

We call ourselves an “online newspaper”. A city’s newspaper is one of it’s pillars of infrastructure. A town without a reliable, accurate, and unbiased new source is a town in the dark. People feel disenfranchised when they cannot connect with their town and the government that administers it.

Help your community be informed

The Herald needs your support. Please donate what you can- whether it be financially or through volunteering with The Herald. The funds that keep our doors open come from you.  We can always use a little more help.

Please consider writing, if only once in a while, on things you feel that are important to your community. To donate, look for the “Donate” dropdown on the home page of The Herald and follow the instructions. I f you want to venture into the world of local journalism, you can contact me directly at [email protected]. We’ll help you get started.

We can also use a part-time volunteer assistant in our office if you have computer skills. We’ll hook you up with our office manager, Amy Kelley, for an interview to see where you might be able to help.

Feel good about volunteering or donating

Oakridge and Westfir thrive because of its volunteerism. Get the word out about your local group, organization, or just report on events as you see them. If I can do this, so can you! Keep the 1st Amendment alive by controlling your right to have the freedom of the press give you timely and unbiased news and information at the local level.

Remember, your donations are tax deductible. Not that many of you may need it with the high standard deduction. Regardless, its a very worthy cause that exists because you make it so.

With sincere thanks,


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